TET Applications

SAE Parametric Equaliser Training

With 10,000+ downloads and counting, SAE Parametric Equaliser Training is the highest-ranked audio engineering education app in the Apple App Store. The app is designed to teach students to identify the centre frequency of a parametric filter applied to any audio file/s they import into the program. http://technicalear.training

Tonal Ear Training

Tonal Ear Training was a web-based ear training program and research tool designed by Mark Bassett and David Major. Users were required to identify the centre frequency of a parametric filter applied to various genres of music and pink noise. A dissimilarity-rating task was delivered after every five iterations of the training program, designed to establish the relative influence of training method on tone colour discrimination.

Harman's How to Listen

Dr. Sean Olive at Harman has developed this technical ear training tool titled Harman’s How to Listen. http://harmanhowtolisten.blogspot.ae

Technical Ear Training

Dr. Jason Corey has developed a suite of technical ear training applications covering all manner of TET tasks to accompany his book Technical Ear Training: Critical Listening for Audio Professionals.


Izotope recently released Pro Audio Essentials, 'a game-based course for music producers to practice and improve their audio skills. This unique learning experience uses audio games, ear training, and videos to build the production skills that music makers use every day when recording, mixing, and mastering'.

Phillips Golden Ears

Phillips Golden Ears training program was designed to develop the listening skills of their audio engineers. This page has since been taken down. https://www.goldenears.philips.com/en/.